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The difference between red yeast rice and functional red yeast

Author:天曲生物 Date:2020-10-15 14:44:27 Hits:52

There are two kinds of red qu, one is food grade red qu, the other is functional red qu

Both red kojic and functional red kojic are obtained from rice fermented by amaryllis aspergillus. But the characteristics of aspergillus amaranth used by the two are very different, the fermentation technology is not the same, the performance of the products obtained are very different, the price of goods is very different. The fermentation technology of ordinary red koji is relatively simple: rice is steamed and inoculated in a large pool and fermented, and then the material can be discharged after a certain process time and temperature, and then dried, which is the finished red koji. The product price is determined by the color price. At present, the food industry at home and abroad have used this red yeast rice as food coloring agent. Different from the chemical colorant, it is a kind of food additive with both health properties and no side effects. The fermentation process of functional red kojic is very complex: firstly, the strains should be screened and subjected to certain conditions and long-term multi-batch culture, domestication and rejuvenation. Rice needs to be steamed, dried, ground to a certain degree of fineness and subjected to high temperature and high pressure sterilization before it can be inoculated with Aspergillus oryzae (aseptic operation should be ensured in the process), and then non-open fermentation in a small container (there is a high and low temperature control process). After reaching the fermentation time, the material can be discharged and the functional red yeast can be obtained by drying.

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