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Monacoline K1.0% red yeast rice extract

Author:天曲生物 Date:2020-10-15 14:49:24 Hits:2272

Red Yeast rice powder Product Efficacy:

1. Red yeast rice powder has the function of strengthening spleen and eliminating food, activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

2. Red yeast rice powder is used to reduce blood lipid, total cholesterol, reductase inhibitor, directly inhibit HNG-COA reductase, and block cholesterol synthesis.

3. Lovastatin can effectively reduce the serum cholesterol content of patients with heterozygous familial and non-familial hypercholesterolemia.


Red yeast rice flour is widely used in the color of soy meat products, sausage, condiments, fermented bean curd, etc., the effect is very ideal. Safe avirulent, still have health care effect, colouring cost is not high, use is convenient.

Features of Red Yeast rice flour products:

A variety of microbial ester producing functional bacteria such as Monascus were prepared by mixed culture

The strain has high enzyme activity and strong stability

The esterification rate was increased and the liquor fermentation period was shortened

Enhance the synthesis ability of ethyl caproate and improve the quality of liquor.

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