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The essence of the day,all over the world!
No Citrinin

Gluten Free
ETO Free
Non-irradiation ( sterilization by steam sterilization)
About tianqu
The essence of heaven is everywhere!

Hangzhou Tian Qu Biological Tech Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprises specialized in natural functional Red Yeast Rice and relative products research and development.

The company is located in national 5 a grade scenic spot---the beautiful Thousand-island lake, products adopt pure and sweet to Thousand-island lake water irrigation quality rice processing of organic rice, with high quality imported monascus strains, and natural fermented;Production department construction is according to the requirements of GMP ,from raw materials to product every production processes was in strict accordance with the requirements of HACCP; Modern research and development testing center has imported high performance liquid chromatography and other advanced testing equipment, from raw materials to product strict check, make the gluten, citrinin under strict control.

brand story
Hangzhou Tianqu Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in natural functional monascus and related products R & D and production of high-tech enterprises.
promote culture
Carry forward the red song culture, to pass the cultural fire as its mission.
concept company
"The essence of the day, all over the world," Tianyu biological concentrate, professional commitment to the national essence of the red and its cultural heritage, and to modern means to keep its progress"


Carry forward the culture of red koji and take the transmission of culture as its duty!
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