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Focusing on Food: from safety to Health -- The 2017 Cross-strait Food Health Seminar was successfull

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Focusing on Food: from safety to Health -- The 2017 Cross-strait Food Health Seminar was successfully held in Jinjiang

Food safety and health is people's pursuit of life, food safety and health has been a hot issue in society. On June 15 to 18, by, fujian institute of food science and technology of China food science and technology institute, Taiwan food science and technology, co-organized BBS technology expert at the venue - 2017 strait food health seminars across the Taiwan straits was held in fujian jinjiang, the representatives of nearly 300 people, including representatives from colleges and universities, research institutes, Taiwan industry nearly 40 people.

The opening ceremony was presided over by Professor Ni Li, vice President and secretary general of Fujian Association of Food Science and Technology and Professor of Fuzhou University. Rao Pingping, chairman of the Board, Guo Yong, deputy secretary general of China Society for Food Science and Technology, Lu Tingzhang, Director of The Institute of Food Science and Technology of Taiwan University, Chen Chouqing, director of the Medical Health and Life Sciences Program of the United Nations Programme, and other leaders attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches.

Renowned experts and scholars in the fields of food science, nutrition and health and medicine from both sides of the Taiwan Straits were invited to the conference through a series of forms such as conference report, academic discussion, enterprise visit and experience exchange. Based on the previous three sessions of joint discussion on hot topics such as food safety crisis management, modernization of traditional food and frontier food science, this year will focus on food -- from safety to health as the theme, with a view to jointly promoting the great development of food health industry across the Taiwan Straits.

Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences ke-ji Chen, emeritus professor of food science and technology research institute, national Taiwan university lulu west, national food safety risk assessment center technical adviser liu xm, Jimmy poon emeritus professor, national Taiwan university, zhejiang university of technology professor li-ping zhou, Taiwan food industry development research institute, product and process yan-hwa chu, director of the research and development center, sun yat-sen university professor Gu Huaiyu, pingtung university of science and technology, professor of food science jen-shinn Lin and other experts has hot food from the security to health as the conference report.

We will focus on food safety and health and promote industrial upgrading

With the goal of "Food safety and health", the conference conducted dialogue and communication on the themes of dual-use food and drug resources and functional food, red yeast and health food, food processing technology, etc. The theme was rich, the new elements and old elements collided passionately, and the report contents were brilliant.

At the conference, Academician Chen Keji introduced the status quo of natural resources of plants and microorganisms and their health care functions, and deeply analyzed the effects and preparation development of many natural resources such as red koji, green tea, ginkgo, garlic and pueraria. Finally, he concluded that the development and application of natural resources need to be "derived from nature and scientifically verified", pay attention to benefit and safety assessment, and strengthen the regulation of medicinal preparations so as to bring natural resources into full play. Professor Gu Huaiyu took the meridian of traditional Chinese medicine as an example from the perspective of modern medical detection technology and Shared his experience on "the dialogue between traditional medicine and modern science".

Professor Lucy Sun explains the current situation and prospects of the health food industry in Taiwan. Professor Zhou Liping, Professor Pan Ziming and representatives from the industry made a vivid description of the origin, the application in the health function and the development course of the production of hongqu. In addition, centering on the theme of food and safety, the content of the discussion also includes the non-specific analysis technology, the application of extrusion technology in the food industry, and the development technology of health food, etc., and the close connection between testing and raw material management and processing technology is carried out to ensure food safety.

The message from the expert entrepreneur's report is that traditional food needs to be led by technology. This seminar provides an academic platform for the exchange and cooperation of the food health industry across the Straits, and urges all sectors of the food industry to make rational use of scientific and technological power to promote the sustainable development of the food health industry.

Docking with international laws and regulations, practical industry basis

National food safety risk assessment center on this technical adviser liu xm researchers deeply expatiate the international food code, introduced in more than 10 years of participation in the process, the Chinese delegation in line with the international codex alimentarius commission "protect the health of consumers and maintain the principle of fair trade in food" concept, in setting food standards and application guidelines as well as related production specification of discussion, the growth process and the role of coordination. She thought the codex committee should, therefore, strengthen the function of the system between countries, promote the code file into the government policy, national policy is to be set by managers, to strengthen the management of training, at the same time to explore food health and safety standard system, on the premise of the application and progress of functional food, health service in China as the goal, to ensure people's health, food health industry on both sides of the Taiwan to promote common development, it is also a food technology experts and scholars of world economic power construction of jinping general secretary sounded the horn positive response, is in the new era, under the new situation of food science and technology innovation of the important embodiment of the new idea, the new design.

We will strengthen exchanges between Fujian and Taiwan and promote the healthy development of food

Throughout the expert reports of more than 10 games opened the food from the new ideas of safety to health research, the representatives launched a heated discussion, the whole report content to report the opinions and problems involved, schools of thought contend, fully tap the sides of the Taiwan straits society resources, through the channel technology experts BBS, strengthen the cross-strait relation and cooperation, promote the modernization of Chinese cuisine, to speed up the development of food industry and health industry. Conference, Taiwan university institute of food science and technology and Shanghai respectively garden health care technology co., LTD., Shanghai grape king enterprise co., LTD. Cooperation memorandum talent cultivation, fuzhou university emeritus professor of food science and technology research institute, Taiwan university Jimmy poon, high-yield emperor source of red kojic rice factory signed three parties about the features between fujian and Taiwan red music bacterium screening and application of the project cooperation agreement.

Picture 5 Signing ceremony

Is a basic industry, safeguard the livelihood of the people's food industry has become the biggest in the national economy industry, food science academicians, experts and scholars across the Taiwan straits, business friends gathered and in-depth exchanges, let counterparts across the Taiwan straits have a true observation, understanding and objective evaluation of food safety and health point of view on both sides of the strait; It is of great significance to promote the diversified and healthy development and application of health food. Moreover, fujian and Taiwan have the same dietary culture tradition, and it is our common hope to jointly develop and apply high and new technology to open new progress of functional food, and promote the vigorous development of food from both sides of the Taiwan Straits to the direction of modernization. The convening of the conference provides an effective communication platform for the political, industrial, academic and research personnel in the food industry on both sides of the Taiwan Strait.

On the morning of June 17, more than 80 red kojic rice industry experts and entrepreneurs to participate in the "red kojic rice development seminar", the meeting, everybody to speak freely, red kojic rice industry development prospect are discussed in this paper, think the current need not only strengthen the docking of academic and industry, more need to play their respective advantages on both sides of the Taiwan straits, complementary, together will carry forward the traditional red kojic rice.

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